Periodontal Prosthesis

Penn Dental Journal

Periodontal Prosthesis is a sub-specialty of Prosthodontics.  It requires 4 years of full-time training following graduation from dental school.  It was originally conceived at the University of Pennsylvania almost 60 years ago, by Drs. Morton Amsterdam and Walter Cohen.  It combines the fields of Periodontics, Fixed Prosthodontics and Adjunctive Orthodontics; to provide a unique comprehensive interdisciplinary perspective.

Established for the purpose of treating the most advanced cases, the Penn Perio-Prosth program, as it is known in dental parlance, developed a world renowned reputation for clinical excellence and innovation; eventually becoming the marquee advanced education program at Penn Dental Medicine.

Perio-Prosth specialists are dual trained in Periodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics, requiring the most rigorous and sophisticated training in Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry.  Being proficient in surgery and restoration, a Perio-Prosth specialist is the ideal resource for the comprehensive treatment of all your Implant Dentistry needs.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ernesto Lee from 2007 to 2017; the Perio-Prosth Program at Penn Dental Medicine reclaimed its tradition of excellence and innovation established over half a century ago.  

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