Porcelain Veneers

CASE 1.  Female college lacrosse player from Gladwyne, with chipped and discolored front teeth resulting from repeated sports related trauma.  The patient traveled from Virginia for treatment.

CASE 2.  Patient is a 37 yr. old Villanova college professor with severe wear due to a nightly grinding habit.  These cases need to be managed with extreme caution to prevent chipping of the veneers.



CASE 3.  The patient was a physician from Wayne, who desired an esthetic improvement prior to her impending wedding.  She was completing her residency in California, and treatment had to be coordinated with her travel schedule.

CASE 4.  Villanova law student from Palm Beach, who fractured his teeth playing basketball.  He had refused orthodontic treatment as a child and was now interested in a comprehensive restorative solution to address his injuries, bite and esthetics.