Implant dentistry

The promise of hope.   As a viable, proven alternative to replace missing teeth, Dental Implants continue to revolutionize dentistry and help improve the lives of many patients.  Are you embarrassed by your loose dentures?  Are you missing a tooth but do not want to have your healthy teeth filed down to fit a bridge?   Did you loose a front tooth?   Dental Implants can provide most patients with beautiful, secure and enduring smiles.  Whether a single tooth or a complete mouth, Implant Dentistry offers alternatives to restore comfort and esthetics like never before.  

Science in motion.   Scientific advances have propelled the development of new techniques in Implant Dentistry.  New implant designs are more predictable and stable than ever before.  Whereas it was common for implants to be placed submerged for a healing period of 3-6 months, we now have the ability to immediately replace an extracted tooth with an implant, and in most instances perform all surgery in one stage, thus avoiding a second procedure.  Furthermore, a digitally coded healing cap can be simultaneously placed, which remains in place until delivery of the final crown.  This protocol also allows the restoration process to begin as early as 4 weeks following implant placement! 

A harmony of form and function. A beautifully conceived smile that reclaims a youthful appearance…that is the art of the smile designer.  In the past, dental implants emphasized function.  With the right knowledge, experience and skill, they can restore beauty to a broken down dentition as well.   Improperly placed implants prevent the achievement of a beautiful smile, just as ill-conceived smiles devalue the benefits of dental implants.  Many studies show that dental implant complications occur more frequently in the hands of inexperienced or unskilled practitioners.  Many of these complications can be disfiguring and difficult to manage.  Unfortunately, many of these patients are referred to our practice for treatment.  If we could have only seen these patients initially…Words of advice:  Do your research and trust your care to an expert.    

What can we do for you…today?    

  • Do you want to get rid of that loose denture?  We can place implants and attach a beautiful, natural looking set of temporary teeth on the same day!  
  • Are your teeth badly broken down and painful?  Your broken down painful teeth can be removed, implants placed, and beautiful natural temporary teeth can be attached on the same day!
  • I had an accident and now my front tooth has to come out.  We specialize in this area and have actually published our own techniques to remove the broken tooth, immediately replacing it with an implant and a temporary crown that will strikingly resemble the original tooth…all in the same appointment!  In many instances we can attach your own tooth to the implant.  You will be able to go to work the following day, and your tooth will look normal!
  • Call our office today for an appointment:  610 525 1200