About Our Office


From the very beginning, Dr. Lee was focused on building a career centered around clinical excellence.  To this end, he designed his office to be a reflection of the quality and professionalism he brings into his work.  The office has an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, where no effort is spared to provide the patient with privacy and personalized treatment. 

“My vision from the beginning was to develop a private practice where I could actually do the kind of quality dentistry I enjoy – one where I can apply what I consider to be the best clinical practices without being encumbered,” he explains. To this end, Dr. Lee sought a location close to the family residence in Bryn Mawr, where he has been in private practice since 1995. 


There is no effort spared to achieve the utmost quality of care.  The latest state of the art technology is ubiquitously present, from the first High Resolution Cone Beam CT Scan in the Delaware Valley, to hard and soft tissue lasers, intraoral scanners and digital equipment.  This is reflected in the infrastructure, quality of the equipment, instruments and supplies.  Where the meticulous infection control, maintenance and treatment protocols are a testament to the Dr.’s attention to detail.  “I am passionate about my profession.  For me this is not merely a job.  It’s an issue of purpose and pride.”

 Even with his busy schedule of lectures and teaching responsibilities, Dr. Lee continues to place the  utmost priority on the patients he sees in his practice. “I prefer to sit with my patient and focus on their treatment for an appropriate period of time, rather than alternating back and forth between several patients” he says. “This is an approach that lends itself better to my personality and the kind of work I enjoy, while providing the level of results I like to achieve.”